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Pain Therapy

Individual pain therapy

How we work in our practice for pain and naturopathy in the Frankfurt/Main area (Egelsbach):

Multimodal treatment concept 

We have been using a multimodal treatment concept that consists partly of special acupressure techniques, bioenergetics information coding, nonverbal hypnosis, stress resolution, massage, nutritional counseling and other elements for the past 12 years.

Individual compilation

These elements are individually compiled for each patient, depending on his problems. Patients come frequently to us with following problems/symptoms: herniated intervertebral disc (diskal prolapse), headaches, migraines, tinnitus, back pains (low-back pains), neck pains, sciatica pain, joint pains (arthritis), knee pains, chronic inflammation, arthritis, muscle aches, pain, hemorrhoids, allergy, rheumatism, nerve pains, etc.

Our catchment area  

Most of our patients come from Germany. They mainly come from following areas: Rhine-Main, Frankfurt/Main, Offenbach, Wiesbaden, Mainz and Darmstadt, but also increasingly from Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart etc. Some also come from different European countries. We speak German, English and French.

Causes of chronic pain

We assume that both acute and chronic pain often have diverse causes, which – when added – depict the patient's clinical picture. Each patient has his personal combination of "pain".

Conclusions based on individual pain

Through the analysis of the patient’s individual pain, we can make conclusions about the individual causes of his illness or pain. Each patient receives a personally created treatment for his "pain problems". 110613
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Practice for Pain Therapy & Alternative Therapies  

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Conduct of the "pain therapie" Individual pain therapy Our area of operations What is a pain therapie Conduct of the "pain therapie" Individual pain therapy Our area of operations What is a pain therapie individual pain therapie - M.Prgomet - alternative practitioner individualy compiled pain therapie - M.Prgomet - alternative practitioner individual pain therapie - conclusions for individual compliants - M.Prgomet - alternative practitioner
Individual pain therapie