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Self-help with migraine

Self-help with migraine

Selfhelp tips for migraine headaches . Identify and avoid potential migraine triggers 

Migraine diary

Make yourself a checklist and do a diary. Write down – as detailed as possible – under which circumstances the migraine attack occurred.

Personal triggers

Your personal triggers can be identified easily and quickly by keeping a migraine diary .  When you believe that you have found out what situations may have triggered your migraine attack ,  try to avoid the triggering situations as far as you can.

Prevent migraine situations

The easiest self-help method consists in avoiding everything likely to trigger these situations. It's not about changing the world in which you live, but to regulate your own overreaction by using appropriate techniques.

Defuse migraine situations

Do your very best to remain calm in stressed situations and search for ways to ensure it. Opportunities for self-help can be: breathing exercises, yoga, sports, Chi Gong or similar activities.

Lack of sleep and migraine

It is extremely important that you sleep enough and deep at night, and that you do sufficient active exercise during the day.

Rest periods can trigger migraines

Weekends, holidays and vacations can be typical days for migraine attacks .  Especially after long or intense efforts, you may have to suffer from severe migraine attacks in the subsequent relaxation phase. In this case, the pent-up stress can be discharged physically or emotionally. Here too, all kinds of exercise, sporting activities and autogenic training are usually recommended forms of self-help for migraine .

Foods can trigger migraines

Among the possible triggers of migraine attacks  you also find foods such as proteins, fats, wheat products, fruit acids, caffeine deficiency, nuts, alcohol, etc. Through careful observation, you have anyway the possibility to find out which foods are linked staggered with your migraine attacks . The triggering of a migraine headache may occur seconds after the meal, but only after several hours, too. As self-help for migraine is to ensure – as a first step – in this situation that these foods are no longer taken. Avoiding these foods is of course not a permanent solution, as nutritional deficiencies may occur. Please also note that only a combination of different triggers can lead to a migraine attack .

Migraine Self-help

Almost 50% of migraine patients can be helped with relaxation exercises, autogenic training, breathing exercises, etc. The objective of the above measures is the reduction of over-stimulation, the strengthening of the self-confidence in stressful situations and the support of the mental strength of a migraine  endangered person. The effect of the subsequent recommendations for the self-help for migraine is not confirmed by conventional medicine.

Migraine self-help recommendations

• Sport for migraine headache

Sports can reduce the potential stress that may trigger a migraine attack by 60-80%. In order to achieve this result, a person used to do sports should practice sport 2 to 3 times a week, for about half an hour until the body starts sweating through sport activities. The time needed by the body to start sweating is insignificant. Unsporty people should start very slowly with the exercises, according to their physical condition.

• Strengthening of the nervous system

with B vitamins

Strengthen your nervous system with highly bioavailable B vitamins as self-help against your migraine headaches A deficiency of B vitamins can easily lead to a disproportionate irritation of the nerves. In other words, the stimuli of the senses can be perceived as unpleasant or distressing. Too loud noises, bright light etc. Should you wish any personal recommendations, you can reach me through the contact form.

 • Wake-sleep rhythm

Provide for a regular wake-sleep rhythm as a self- help method against your migraine headaches . If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, try bioavailable minerals. If you happen to have a mineral deficiency, this may turn out to be one of the causes responsible for the negative influence of your sleep. Should you wish any personal recommendations, you can reach me through the contact form. • Stress resolution through breathing exercises • Stress resolution by NLP • Stress resolution by tapping technique • Stress resolution through progressive muscle relaxation

• Change in diet

As a first measure of self-help against your migraine headaches, change or adjust your diet. If you have created a migraine diary and found out on what foods you might respond with a migraine attack ,  you may let them off for one to two weeks. This period of time is absolutely needed to find out and determine if your migraine attacks have effectively been reduced.

• Physician or alternative practitioner

If the above measures do not lead to a significant improvement of your migraine headache, you should consult a doctor or an alternative practitioner of your choice. Should you wish any personal recommendations, you can reach me through the contact form.

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