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Michael Prgomet

alternative practitioner Seminar teaching area: Theory Explanation of the relationships and modes of operation of the presented seminars and trainings Biography: Alternative practitioner Michael Prgomet (dipl. economic computer science (FH)) • Member of the "Free Association of German Alternative Practitioners (FVDH)" • Member of the association "Gesundheitspflege und Vorsorge e.V., Egelsbach ", support with health issues. • Lecturer at many adult education centres since 1983 • Lecturer on local television in the Frankfurt area with many different health contributions • Therapist in the field of multimodal pain therapy at St. George Hospital in Bad Fredeburg till December 2012 Seminars and private advance training in the following areas: • Psycho-kinesiology • Psycho-kinesiology master • Founder of the "oriented stress conflict resolution" treatment • Trance therapy • Hypnosis & reincarnation therapist • Bioenergetic hypnosis • Atlas - adjustment “Retrologie" • Thai therapeutic massage / shiatsu • Wellness and beauty - massage • Holistic cancer therapy • Nutritional and metabolic advice • Tibetan Reiki system. Grand Master 7 degree • Western Reiki system. Grandmaster 6 degrees • different mental healing methods to activate the power system. • colon cleansing • Diagnostic procedures in the field of health 110613

Practice for Pain Therapy & Alternative Therapies  

from Alternative Practitioner Michael Prgomet

Alternative practitioner Michael Prgomet (Germany) Michael Prgomet